For V64/Wednesday races free shuttle bus leaves 5:30pm from Cityterminalen; back directly after Dagens Dubbel (around 9:15pm) or after the last race (10:00pm); alternatively T-Banan to Rissne and a 15 minutes walk following the signs ”Solvalla” or ask.
ODDS: you find them on the big board on the other side of the track and they tell you, how much money you get for betting on each horse. As the numbers are 1:10 you get for example for 115 only 11,5 times for your bet. If you bet on place the ODDS are much lower and vary depending which other horses are placed on one to three. You find the actuall ODDS also inside the tribune and above the tellers booth. And YES, they are changing, so therefore to have a realistic picture you should wait until 3-4 minutes before start. But be aware that at some races (especially beginning of V64 and Dagens Dubbel) cues might occur.
Tellers Booth: If you want to place a bet at the tellers booth: First name the sort of bet (for example: vin/place) then the number of the horse (1,2,3…) and finally the amount. (If you bet on more then one horse you pay for each of them the given amount!)
P.S.: If you happen to win, PLEASE get your money after the results are announced and/or displayed. Don´t wait until you want to place a bet again, because this might take some extra time and you block the teller for others to place their bet. THANK YOU!
V64: is a system bet, where you have to find the winners in six races. Through multiplying the number of horses you have in each race you know how much it costs. For example: 3x2x1x4x2x3 = 144SEK. (On the other days during the week there is V65, on Saturday V75, only here you have to divide the number with 2, because every rad costs only 0,50 SEK) You can also buy computer generated systems or get help by HARRY BOY to complete your system. PLEASE FIND THE FORM ATTACHED TO YOUR MAP)
ATG OMBUD: Where you see this sign in the streets you can place your horse bets. Online betting is also available. You need to have a Swedish bank account and apply for ATG KORTET.
Nutrion: There are a few places you can get your food along the racing track. Unfortunately the range and variety is kind of limited what they offer. If you have any food allery/restrictions it might be a good idea to bring your own stuff. Alcohol is also provided, but is only allowed to consume in the defined areas. (We suggest PERSHING, where the burgers are edible, Husmannskost is being served (one traditional Swedish dish) and the service is friendly. (at the far left end at the beginning of ”upploppet”)
Sunday 2nd of October both finals for Kriterium and Oaks are held at Solvalla. Racing starts at 1:00pm (including EXTRA V75). Check Solvallas webpage for bus departures!
Advisory: If you have financial constraints, we suggest you not to participate at this event. Betting can potentially become an addiction and the Swedish horsing system only provides a help line service in Swedish